How Heart Rhythm Meditation can Improve your Life

Every day, modern life becomes ever more frantic, high pressure and based on consumption in every sense. As an antidote to this, more and more people seem to be turning to meditation as well as other practices based on improving and centering the self. Meditation has a number of benefits that help with the problems of modern life, including stress reduction, increased self-knowledge and self-control, and alleviation of the symptoms of anxiety and overwork. Because it’s so helpful, a number of different types of meditation have been developed recently, all with a focus on different practices and different results. Here we discuss heart rhythm meditation and whether it can be helpful in your life.

What is it?

Heart rhythm meditation was created in the 1990’s by Puran Bair and Suzanna Bair at the Institute of Applied Meditation. The practice focuses on both the breathing, bringing air down deep into the lungs, as well as the physical and metaphorical heart of the individual. It is said to be extremely powerful in reducing stress and growing awareness, as well as easy to learn. Though practitioners can probably start with some of the techniques on their own, for a real understanding of the more advanced stages they will probably need expert guidance.

How do you do it?

Heart rhythm meditation requires a very strict and upright sitting posture. Practitioners first focus on their breathing, on the steady rhythm of it and what the pattern reflects about their emotional state. The goal here is to slow the breathing and have regular intervals between each breath. From this stage, the meditation moves on to controlling the breathing, producing set patterns, and eventually holding the breath for several seconds. During this pause, the heartbeat will become noticeable and it is then that the breath is matched with a set number of heartbeats to create a rhythmic and predictable combined pattern.

What are the benefits of heart rhythm meditation?

Heart rhythm meditation is said to reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety, as well as increase self-understanding and control, but there are also a number of benefits that are unique to this type of meditation. It is designed, not to separate the practitioner from everyday life, but to better connect them to it and to what they want from it at the same time. It teaches practitioners better connection with their emotions and their true centre, so they can approach life knowing what they truly want. It is also said to help remove internal barriers, so that practitioners can overcome the obstacles in their life.

As society’s need for stress reduction and inner peace grows, the very old practice of meditation has been evolving to meet those needs. Heart rhythm meditation is a relatively new evolution that has all of the benefits of other types of meditation with the added advantage of being relatively simple and easy to learn. For people who are new to meditation, or those who want to simplify their existing practice, heart rhythm meditation would be a welcome addition to their routine.

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