Staff Yoga Pose

Most people make a mistake and think that the staff yoga pose is pretty straightforward and easy. Although it looks pretty easy to learn and copy from someone who is showing it to you, or even just from a picture, there are still many small things and details that you need to keep in mind. Greatness lies exactly in those small things, so if you want full benefits from any exercise, you have to learn all of the steps and everything in between them.

The staff pose looks like just sitting but let’s see what it is all about. 

How to master the Staff Yoga Pose 

Step 1

In order to feel comfortable in this pose, you can use a blanket or a mat and put it under you. This will lift your pelvis and make the pose even easier for you. Remember, your body should feel comfort in each pose that you do. Make sure that you do whatever you can. 

So, in the first step of this pose, you should sit down (on a blanket or mat – optional) with your legs put together and fully extended. Your torso should not be leaning back as it may cause discomfort and even pain in your muscles after some time. With that being said, your torso should be straight. 

Step 2

It is often good to check your posture while you are in the learning phase of the pose like you are now. You can do so by sitting against a wall. Your shoulder blades as well as your sacrum should touch the wall you are sitting against on. 

The key thing here is that your head and lower back should not touch the wall. Remember the position of your body while you are sitting like that.
In order to get used to the position, you can even fold a towel or a blanket and put it in that gap between your lower back and the wall.

Step 3

Now that you have got the starting position right, make sure to position yourself in front of your sitting bones. From that position, adjust your tailbone and pubis so that they are on an equal distance from the floor. 

The next thing you should do is harden your thighs and press them against the floor. To complete step three, you need to flex your ankles and press out through your heels.

Step 4 

If you have completed the previous steps correctly, your body would now be in a perfect position. Now, simply imagine that your body is a strongly rooted staff. Do not move your body from this position and keep it for one to five minutes. 


As you can see, the staff pose isn’t challenging at all but in order to feel the pose better and get everything that it offers you have to practice the simple, small steps that you have read here. Practice this pose whenever you can and you will master it in no time!

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