Knowing Your Seven Chakras

Some days we feel great, our minds and spirits seem perfectly aligned, when suddenly, as if we turned a corner, something seems off. Energy flows through our bodies, when this energy is disrupted it can affect us in many forms. Physically, we may develop an upset stomach, a headache, or we might feel altered mentally, we are depressed, or uneasy, and we aren’t sure why. Knowing what your seven chakras are can help you identify why you may be feeling unbalanced and show you how to fix it.

The word chakra translates from the ancient Sanskrit word to mean ‘Wheel of Light.’ Each one is a center of energy that resides in our bodies. In these centers, nerve points connect with the flow of energy (prana) that moves throughout the different points in our body; when the energy is disrupted our bodies are affected.

Root Chakra

The first of the seven is located in the tail bone of your body and regulates your sense of survival, instinct, and security. When this chakra is out of balance, you may feel insecure, anxious, ungrounded, despair, or alone. Since this chakra is associated with the color red, you can reinvigorate yourself by wearing or associating yourself with something red, such as these yoga pants in red, a garnet stone, or eating food that is red, such as berries, beets, or red cabbage.

Sacral Chakra

This chakra is located in the pelvis, where the urogenital system lies, that which is responsible for the reproductive organs and the urinary system. This chakra regulates your sexual needs and emotions, as well as your confidence and creativity. When it is out of balance we feel lonely and dependent on others. The Sacral Chakra is associated with the color orange, to fix an unbalance, try a carnelian stone, wearing some orange, or eating some orange vegetables or fruit.

Solar Plexus Chakra

When unbalanced with this chakra you will feel anxious, a loss of control, and for some, they can develop an eating disorder. This chakra is connected to the digestive system and the adrenal glands and is located under your ribs and in the diaphragm. The associated color is yellow, and you can help return balance with a citrine crystal, some yellow clothing, or some yellow food in your diet.

Heart Chakra

With this unbalance, you will feel disconnected, hopeless, and excluded and when balanced you will feel love, compassion, strong bonds, and protection. It is related to the heart, the thymus, and the endocrine system. To renew strength with this chakra, try wearing some green jade, surround yourself with greenery or consume some leafy salads.

Throat Chakra

Like the name suggests, this chakra is located in the throat and is connected with the thyroid gland. It controls communication, expression, and a sense of security. Unbalanced, we feel insecure and unable to express ourselves. To rebalance yourself, connect with blue water, blueberries, or wear a Lapis Lazuli stone.

Third-Eye Chakra

This one is located on the lower forehead, between your eyebrows and is your connection to the spirit world through the pineal gland, thusly affecting your intuition, inner thoughts, and dreams. When this chakra is disturbed we lose trust, we judge more, and our sleep can be affected. Associated with the color indigo, surround yourself with purple plants, wear an azurite stone, or eat some purple vegetables.

Crown Chakra

The final chakra is located at the top of the head and is related to the pituitary gland and the central nervous system. It identifies with our imagination, spirituality, and consciousness, and when the energy is disrupted to this part of the body, we feel confused, disheartened, and disconnected from others. Connected to the color violet, fix any disruption with an amethyst rock, some violet flowers or some violet-colored figs.

In time, you will better understand when a particular chakra seems out of alignment more than the rest of your body. Listen to your body, pay attention to your senses, mediate, and energize your chakras by living in a world full of color.

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