Lessons from Yogic Breath


There are many lessons to learn from our body’s natural rhythms and actions. One of our most basic rhythms that we seem to forget about is simply our breath. The inhalation and the exhalation are both so essential and metaphorical in regards to almost every aspect of our lives. Today we’re going to take things a step deeper and look at the lessons from yogic breath in particular. Yogic breath teaches us the same things that regular breathing does but it magnifies it for the better.

Lessons from Yogic Inhalation

Let’s start off with the lessons you can learn from your yogic inhalation. The “in” breath in yoga as well as in everyday life is the section of the breath involved with action. If you are ever frightened or surprised you take a deep breath in. When you add on the yogic take on it, the inhalation becomes a very beautiful and meaningful second or two. In yoga the inhalation is associated with ingesting and consuming energy; it’s not just about breathing it in, it’s about really letting it sink in. It is a time where you are open to changes in your energy and possibilities.

This applies to your daily life in a couple ways. First, you may want to consider if you are taking enough metaphoric inhalations in your life. Are you experiencing enough moments in your day that are invigorating and wholesome? There are a lot of people who are living life seemingly on a constant exhale. Secondly, you may wish to consider what things in life allow you to inhale naturally. Set a little trigger in your mind to pay attention every time you take a deep inhalation in your daily life. You can learn a lot about your interests and passions by simply looking at what makes you inhale.


Lessons from Yogic Exhalation

The exhalation is about letting go of what you no longer need. It’s about detoxifying your body, mind, and soul. It’s also about relaxation and putting your feet up. At the end of the exhalation there should also be a slight moment of preparation for the coming inhalation.

The lessons of the exhalation in everyday life are the complete opposite of the lessons from the inhalation. Are you taking enough exhales in your life? Are you allowing the time to rest and let go of the old or are you in a constant “up” that is going to wear you down? The exhalation teaches you to let go of what is no longer serving you in every aspect of your life.

Lessons from the Whole Yogic Breath

Yoga and yogic breathing are all about rhythm; it’s all about balancing out between the ups and the downs. Make time to inhale new and productive energy and make the time to let go of what is no longer needed. Inhalations and exhalations are equally as important so make sure you are not favoring one over the other. Bring balance into your day and honor your life as the rollercoaster that it is!

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